A message from the Elections Office:

Advance Voting and Election Day Protocol

May 18-June 5 and Election Day June 9,2020

  1. No more then 10 voters at a time in the building. We will have someone outside to direct you.
  2. Social Distancing of 6 feet or more always. Even in line outside.  ( 6ft markers will be provided to stand inside the building).
  3. DO NOT touch equipment with your bare hands. NO GLOVES. (machines will not work with them). We will provide sterilized Stylus
  4. IF you have a mask WEAR IT!
  5. DO NOT go behind protective glass (it is for your safety as well as the worker)
  6. Once you have finished voting you MUST exit the building. DO NOT wait for anyone. Return to your vehicle.
  7. If you are assisting someone please let the worker outside know.
  8. DO NOT enter the building without being instructed.
  9. DO NOT GATHER outside once you have voted. PLEASE return to your vehicle.

Please remember to allow time as we do expect to have lines. 

Thank you for your cooperation. With this protocol we are working together for a safer environment for all.

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