If you have received your Absentee Ballot application in the mail and wish to receive a ballot mailed to you for the upcoming June 9, 2020 Combined Primary. Please finish filling out the form and returning it by one of the following.

  1. Smart Phone: Take a picture of the completed form and Email it to: electionsbenhill@aol.com. We will send a receipt email to you.
  2. Scan and email it.
  3. Mail it back to:  602 S. Grant St Fitzgerald, GA 31750.  Please only place one piece of tape to seal it.
  4. Fax it: 229-233-6162
  5. Hand deliver to our office: Drop box is on the North side of the building (Orange St side) go up the ramp and it is on the door.

If you have not received an Application please call the Elections office at 229-922-0241. There has been a lot of ballots returned to the office for non-delivery. They will help you to get everything corrected and an Application to you .


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