The Georgia Department of Public Health has released an announcement regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine.  As COVID-19 vaccine begins being given in our communities, public health staff will be focusing their efforts on distributing vaccines as quickly as possible. With the focus of public health shifting to vaccine distribution, tis will mean limited testing appointment availability at public heath sites.   With the vaccination schedule, public health staff will continue to follow the tiered phases set out by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. This means that for the initial launch, or tier 1A, public health will be vaccinating healthcare workers. Tier 1B is currently expected to include first responders, education workers, essential workers and individuals over 75. Based on current guidance, the tiers then move into those will compromised immune systems, those living in congregate settings and then into the general public.

To read the full statement from DPH click on the link below.

Public Health Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccination

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